There’s many things out there that we don’t know …

Like, when did Crocs become cool? Something we do know, however, is that many homeowners have questions about the buying process, caring for their home, and what goes into selling a home when they are ready to upgrade or move. That’s why we’ve created this list of 5 things that many new homeowners wished they’d known,  so that you have peace of mind when it comes to preparing to buy a home.


1) Create a “nesting” savings.

I’ve met many new home owners who find the perfect house, have a smooth closing process, and then move in with nothing more than a mattress and a TV. Consider your costs of living when looking for a home and set yourself up for success. Many new home owners have a “nesting” savings that they use to buy paint, furniture, things for the house and tools for maintaining. Consider making your own “nesting” savings that is reasonable but gives you some spending money after the big purchase.


2) Consider HOAs.

Not all neighborhoods have Home Owner Associations, but the ones that do will let you know right away. There are many benefits to being in an HOA, such as protecting the value of your new home thru regulations. Some HOAs have regulations on trampolines, animals, neighborhood watches and more! These are things that will affect you while you live there and when you decide to sell. So if your neighborhood has an HOA I would take the time to review all the regulations associated with that HOA and even get the opinions of current members.


3) Don’t dwell on the surface appearance.

I’ve been to showings where people aren’t happy about the dust on the counters, the color of the walls, or the junk inside some of the kitchen drawers. These are very simple things to focus on but are also simple things to correct. Don’t let superficial things like a wall’s color stop you from seeing what a house could be, if it were your home. There are hundred of inexpensive things you can do to your new home to make it your own. You may not like the color now, but you will after you paint it. There’s more important things you can focus on like the roof or foundation’s condition.


4) There will be factors that affect selling your home later on that you may not have considered.

You may be buying your first home, but you may decide to sell and buy another one later. Many new homeowners find themselves starting families and wanting a bigger place, or just decide to upgrade. There are many outside factors that can cause people to leave their homes early, such as changing family sizes; job changes or personal life changes. Some things to think about when buying is how fast will your house sell? Will its value grow in this location or depreciate? Consider how your house will sell, while you’re looking for the perfect place to buy.


5) Maintenance and upkeep are very important things to consider, prior to buying.

Do you mow the lawn at your current home? If not, you may have forgotten to consider the yard of the house you’re looking at. There are many parts of the house that need regular maintenance. You should pick a house that matches your lifestyle. Consider the time and costs of maintaining a home and whether your lifestyle  allows for that time or those costs. If you have a big yard you should consider saving up for a large mower that will cut the yard quickly. Does the yard have a lot of trees that will lose their leaves in the fall? Do you have a sidewalk that will need de-icing and shoveling in the winter? These are all things you should consider while you’re looking.






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