CMA – Comparative Market Analysis

An important factor in deciding whether or not to sell your home is its current market value. To accurately determine what your home is worth, we perform an in-depth analysis of recent sales, listings, and pending sales of similar homes in your area and then we make adjustments based on your home’s unique features to determine your home’s market value.

This analysis is known as the Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA, and may be the single most important thing that your agent does in listing your home for sale. If it is done incorrectly or not at all, you may price your home too high and your home may just sit on the market, or too low and you could lose valuable equity.

Please be aware – there are tons of so called “CMA’s” available instantaneously on the internet today, but they may not be accurate. Only a professional can assess the unique features and market indicators of your home.

If you’re interested in having a Free, No-Obligation, Professional CMA done on your home, please call us or fill out the form below.